Testimonials - Paul B.

My name is Paul B, I Joined Yellowstone Valley Fitness in the Fall of 2015 due to my introduction from my sergeant to Karen and Mitch. When I was introduced I was a bit lacking in the physical fitness department due to my lack of effort, but with a bit of motivation from both Karen and Mitch I found myself enjoying building myself up as I had neglected to do so by myself.

They are great personal trainers, and lovely individuals. They have a whole lot of personality and are two people worth knowing. Both Karen and Mitch have two huge hearts, with which they stay motivated and constantly on the go, which anyone who knows them will probably attest to. As a team, both offer a hand up in improving yourself and keeping you on track.

As I worked with them we established a relationship that kept me motivated long after we had called the workout quits. Though I feel at times that Karen and Mitch enjoy seeing me struggle, they energize you through the pain and at the end you really feel as if you’ve climbed a mountain. Their workouts initially seem a bit daunting but once I was in the swing of things it becomes easier but still varied.

Overall throughout my time with them I have lost a fair amount of the fat that was bugging me, and built up a rather nice set of muscles that I could appreciate. It restored a bunch of my confidence and has made me enjoy the time spent in the gym. Working with Karen and Mitch has been a journey and while at times I would have more than happily given up they have kept me going and have gotten me out of a self fulfilling prophecy.