Testimonials - Shelbi Rioux


My name is Shelbi Rioux. I am currently a member of the Montana Army National Guard. Karen and Mitch have been coming to our unit on their own time to conduct physical training for us. It has been an amazing 2 years with them. They are some of the most motivating and helpful individuals I have met. The energy they bring every time they are with us is amazing! The knowledge and excitement they bring with them is unparalleled. 

On my own time I work out 5-6 days a week and the workout they provide still wipe me out. Their programs that they have brought to us are set up for every skill level and allow people with injuries to work at their own speed and ability. They have helped many people in the unit, including myself, overcome fitness obstacles and have provided so much information to everyone. They are kind hearted and amazing people. I am thankful to know both of Karen and Mitch and appreciate they everything they have done for me and the 1063rd. 

Shelbi Rioux